After major modifications, migrations or conversions from one platform to another, IT professionals are understandably concerned about the integrity of the corrected code. Progeni’s ThreeRs (which stands for Record, Replay and Research) is a regression testing tool designed to test for unanticipated changes when online and/or batch applications have been modified or enhanced. In organizations where ThreeRs is employed for testing, new releases have 90% less bugs and at least forty man days of manual effort have been saved.

ThreeRs confirms that throughout your enterprise intended changes - and only the intended changes - have been implemented smoothly and accurately. The advantage of ThreeRs is that it not only confirms that intended changes have taken effect as planned, but also searches for and identifies even the most unlikely discrepancies, whereas most testing tools can only find errors in code intended to be effected.

ThreeRs performs the following functions:

Records – a set of input transactions that are known to form a test control set. The output transactions include all screens, database and file changes.

Replays – the control input transactions to the modified program, and records the new set of output transactions (test output data).

Researches – the differences between the control test data and test output data and identifies those differences. Research has the ability to filter out changes that were expected, to ensure the differences identified are those that were not expected.

ThreeRs assures management that modified, or even converted online and/or batch programs, do not produce unanticipated results. Performance comparisons can also be measured by timing the "control" and "output" replays at maximum speed. ThreeRs confirms the integrity of all modified code and will also help you substantially reduce the errors that normally occur through maintenance activities.

The Benefits

Monitors reliable, known, repeatable transactions on systems and applications Tests hardware and software upgrades Functional regression testing and robustness testing of new software revisions Increased end user confidence Higher quality assurance Early detection of problems Improved staff productivity Reduced costs Reduced risks Faster re-introduction of re-engineered/modified code

ThreeRs is a testing tool that captures data from user terminals, client workstations and distributed network sessions. It subsequently presents the data to the application substituting for user terminals, client workstations and distributed network sessions. ThreeRs will help you find more bugs faster, and you will be able to foresee the effect of the changes. You will have the personal assurance that you got it right, that your systems work, and they will perform under load, because you have tested them.